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The BTSP, Back Again!

The BTSP, Back Again!
Tutt Stapp-McKiernan

New friends to meet and old friends to greet, delicious food to be eaten, swag to be bought, ice cream to be screamed for, a pit for gaga-ing (does ANYONE know why it's called a Gaga Pit?), Mr. Grimes in a long black wig a la Mrs. Munster, and a really big blue mat for slip-sliding away...the 2022 Back-to-School Picnic had it all. With the largest crowd on record at over 600 people [exact count to come!], the hard-working team that made it all happen on one of the late summer's hottest afternoons deserves kudos galore, as usual. Too much fun!

The Back-to-School Picnic 2022