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Wakefield School is an independent, college-preparatory day school for students in Junior Kindergarten through grade 12 engaging in a rigorous and inspiring liberal arts curriculum. Our ambitious vision for every student is to foster capable, ethical, articulate citizens who seek the challenge, make a difference, and live extraordinary lives, each in his or her own way.

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We welcome families who want more from a school for their child's education.
Currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year!




Our students discover a love of learning along with genuine care for the world around them




Perseverance. Determination. Teamwork. Our athletes are always finding new ways to seek the challenge 




Encouraging our students to discover and develop their talents and share them with the world


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Wakefield at a Glance

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Welcome to Wakefield School’s website!

We are so glad you are interested in learning more about our school. We invite you to explore, as we help you get to know us—through pictures and information, yes, but more importantly, through the thoughts and words of the most reliable sources available: the faculty, students, parents, and alumni who know us best.

Some things are hard to convey in words alone—the view from our hilltop campus, for instance, or the power required for a dunk, or the intensity of a theatrical performance. But many things, it must be said, are hard to convey in a picture alone. A professional photoshoot of one of our plays will not tell you of a senior’s acceptance to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in the fall. The image of a student on a horse trotting confidently around a ring will not help you understand the story of a current equestrian team member who had never been near a horse until the Middle School athletics requirement—try to try everything once!—encouraged her to give riding a chance.

In other words: all schools have missions, but only a Wakefield science teacher can tell you how the Wakefield mission affects his teaching of Middle School science on a daily basis. All schools teach the arts—but only a Wakefield “lifer” who concentrated on studio art classes can help you see the arc of a full 12 years of integrated Wakefield arts education, or the resonance of a longtime faculty member’s lessons. All schools have accomplished alumni—but only a Wakefield alumna can connect the dots between her particular path in college and life and the launch she received at Wakefield.

So in that spirit, we hope you will enjoy exploring not only the information about our school, but the lived experiences of the people who make up the school—in their own words. As they speak for themselves, our results will also speak for themselves.