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Students Represent Wakefield at Model General Assembly

Students Represent Wakefield at Model General Assembly
Caroline Hoffman

A delegation of Wakefield students attended Model General Assembly in Richmond, Virginia, on March 21-23. Over 500 high school students from across commonwealth participated in the event.  The Model General Assembly program was established in 1948 and is designed to introduce high school students to the legislative process of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Legislation is debated in committees and on the floors of the actual Virginia Senate and House of Delegates. Participants can assume the roles of senator, delegate, officer, lobbyist, reporter, or underclassmen legislator. 

The Wakefield students who participated were Isabel Baynum ('19), Michael Neff ('20), Max Schaefer ('20), and Joseph Maraska ('20).

Isabel Baynum was elected last session to serve as Youth Lieutenant Governor. As Lieutenant Governor, Isabel presided over the State Senate, moderated debate on the Senate floor and served on the Governor's staff. Michael Neff and Max Schaefer served in the House of Delegates where they participated in committee discussions and floor debates. Joseph Maraska served as Senator where he introduced the Wakefield bill on the Senate floor, engaged in committee deliberation, and took part in open debate.