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Stories That Matter: Vivian Pickeral

Stories That Matter: Vivian Pickeral
Gray Carr Bridgers

Welcomed into the Wakefield Family 

By: Vivian Pickeral


This is my second year at Wakefield School and I am currently in the 8th grade.  During my time at Wakefield, I have had the best experience possible. I went to public school my whole life, grew up with the same friends, and was unchallenged by the curriculum.  I was afraid I wouldn't fit in at Wakefield. I was nervous about the academics and all the new people. In hindsight, there was no need for me to be anxious; Wakefield was one of the best decisions of my life!  


On my first day at Wakefield I was welcomed as if I had been there forever.  We pulled up the hill to be greeted by the wonderful smiling faces of the faculty and staff welcoming the students as they walked in. Every teacher, student, and parent made me feel at ease.  I will never forget my first visit to the library. As Mrs. Fields (the librarian) was helping me, she was surrounding me with compliments. It made me feel loved, welcome, and part of the Wakefield community. Wakefield feels like a family where everyone knows and cares for one another. The upper schoolers talk to lower schoolers, middle schoolers interact with upper schoolers and so on. It is one of Wakefield’s priorities that we all come together as a school and not as individual grade levels. Wakefield has built a community where you are excited to come to school and in fact, don’t want to leave! Being part of the Wakefield family has been one of the greatest experiences.