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Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference

Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference
Caroline Hoffman

During the last week of April, Wakefield School celebrated Earth Week. Taken over last year by the Green Initiative

Club, Earth Week is an opportunity for our community to gain awareness about sustainability and our responsibility for the planet.

The Green Initiative Club's theme for the 2017-18 school year was plastic usage. "We've really been focusing on responsible recycling throughout the year," explains Audrey Brown ('19), co-leader of the Green Initiative Club. "Because of this, our goal for Earth Week was to show our community that there are so many little ways that we can be make a big change."

For the entire week, the Green Initiative Club challenged the school to a "blackout;" asking teachers to turn off lights in their classrooms during class and when they are not in their classrooms. "Most of our classrooms are bright with

just natural sunlight through the windows," said Kayla Swede ('18), the other co-leader of the Green Initiative Club. "It seems like such a small detail, but with a school our size, consciously leaving lights off when they're not needed, it can really make a difference."

Additionally, the Upper and Middle Schools worked together to coordinate different activities throughout the week. When we encountered unexpected rainy weather, students watched and discussed documentaries about global consumption and plastic use. For lunches, students were encouraged to pack sustainably, avoiding any extra plastic. On Wednesday, April 25, Upper and Middle Schoolers enjoyed a vegetarian cookout.

"Bean burgers are actually pretty good," Lauren Bacchus ('20) told us. She has even considered swapping out beef

patties for bean during their next family barbeque.

On Friday afternoon, the Green Initiative Club, Middle and Upper School students, faculty, and staff were out beautifying campus. Activities included: picking up trash,

recycling, weeding, and planting flowers.

The Lower School also joined in for Earth Week. In the beginning of the week, the Lower School partnered with the John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District. The students rotated through three activities that focused on our local watershed, ecosystem, and the importance of being stewards of our Earth. Afterwards, each Lower School class created a Hope and Dream for the Earth. These Earth Day hopes and dreams were shared during the Lower School

Assembly, and are now posted on our Earth Day bulletin board as a constant reminder.

Overall, Wakefield School's second-annual Earth Week was a huge success. We thank the Green Initiative Club, the club's advisors Dr. Pereira, Mr. Findler, and Mr. Maurelli for coordinating the activities and reminding our community how important it is to take care of our Earth!