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Seniors Venture Off Campus for Both Reflection and Fun

by Amber Carey

by Amber Carey

Each fall, Wakefield plans a three-day trip for our senior class as an off-campus opportunity to strengthen their existing friendships, make new ones, and prepare for the future as a united class. They begin to understand who they are and who their classmates are, express themselves to others, reflect on their past experiences, and embrace gratitude.

This year was the same, yet different. Due to the pandemic safety protocols, the class could not go off campus for two nights as usual. Instead, they participated in two daytime activities on Thursday and Friday, October 1 and 2.

On Thursday, the class traveled to Marshall Community Park, where they enjoyed a lunch and heard a talk about the importance of verbal communication and deep listening. They then dispersed to be alone while writing to each other--each student wrote notes of appreciation to every one of his or her 35 classmates. These letters will be exchanged in the coming weeks, and if the experiences of past classes are a guide, they are sure to become lifetime treasures.

On Friday, the seniors, their advisors, and several faculty paddled down seven miles of the Shenandoah River together. The river was running high with all of the recent weather, and everyone took in the sights and sounds of the wildlife as well as laughter amongst classmates while enjoying the fast pace of the river’s flow.

Since this year was a little different, some of the traditions that usually happen during this trip will take place in the coming weeks, so this class can experience the same opportunities for reflection that other graduating classes have cherished.