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It Was...Spooktacular!

It Was...Spooktacular!
Tutt Stapp-McKiernan

What's in a name? In the case of the Spooktacular...a lot. In fact, pretty much everything.

As its portmanteau name implies, Wakefield's signature Halloween event is, indeed, both spooky and spectacular. Parent volunteers work tirelessly for weeks preparing the campus decorations, planning the activities, and dreaming up incredible "Trunk or Treat" displays to delight teeming throngs of student revelers and treat-seekers, the smallest of whom are costumed so as to eclipse any previously-understood meaning of the word "adorable."

This year, the Spooktacular's events were flanked by some special complementary elements. Immediately before, the Wakefield Boys Varsity Soccer team competed for the GPAC Tournament Championship on the upper field, in a thrilling match that went into overtime, though the Owls ended up falling to the Highland Hawks 1-0. Immediately after the Spooktacular, Wakefield Theater presented its second evening of The Poe Show, a seasonally creepy theatrical confection based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe. And no sooner was the play concluded than the GLO Theater switched itself into a movie venue, as Upper Schoolers attended the formerly-outdoor  "Scream on the Green" scary movie event indoors this year, re-titled "Scream in the GLO."

So many people and so many elements of the school work together to make this huge Spooktacular event happen each year, and yet the spectacular results and the incredible fun it brings make it all worthwhile in the end. Thanks to all for the hard work and smiles (and the treats!).

Click here for images of the spooky, funny fun!