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End-of-the-Year Awards Ceremony for Grades 9-11

End-of-the-Year Awards Ceremony for Grades 9-11
Tutt Stapp-McKiernan

One of the rites of spring that tells us the school year is truly drawing to a close is the End-of-the-Year Awards Ceremony for grades 9-11. The event features awards of several kinds for Upper School underclassmen: Commencement-Level awards (which include both Departmental awards and major awards voted on by the faculty); Arts Awards; spring Athletic Awards; and recognition from the Society for Leadership and Engagement. Commencement-Level Awards which are to be received by seniors will be presented at the Commencement ceremony on June 5.

These important celebrations of outstanding student accomplishment shine inspiring light on the growth and achievements of each year, especially in this challenging pandemic year. Congratulations to the following students for your awards!

Commencement-Level Awards  See specifics of each award here.

  • Mathematics Award: Yujin Chung

  • Spanish Award: Yujin Chung 

  • Underclassman Writing Award: Kate Neff

  • Outstanding Junior Thesis: Carol Rector

  • Most Improved: Moriah Gonzalez

  • New Student Award: Sydney Kelble

  • UVA Jefferson Book Award: Natalie Zickel

  • College of William and Mary Leadership Award: Sophia Carey and Sophia Petricoin

  • Academic Excellence: Brooke Ballhaus

Arts and Athletics Awards

Arts Awards

Fine Art:

  • Studio Art Award - Ava Lawless
  • Digital Art Award - Callie Rector
  • Photography Art Award - Robert Cunningham


  • Best Actor - Jacolby Lacy
  • Best Actress - Ella Reidway
  • Best Supporting Actor - Shaw Stewart
  • Best supporting Actress - Sophia Carey


  • Music Theory Award - Kate Neff
  • Music Performance Award - Moriah Gonzales

Athletics Awards

Varsity Boys Tennis:

  • DAC Runners Up
  • 1st Team All-Conference - James Sturdevant, Forbes Condon, Bobby Guiney

Varsity Co-Ed Golf:

  • DAC Champions
  • 1st Team All-Conference - Riley Harper, Jackson Musgrove, Jack Pieja
  • DAC Player of the Year - Liam Howard

Society for Leadership and Engagement Awards

The Society for Leadership and Engagement awards honor the many ways Upper School students distinguish themselves beyond the classroom in non-academic pursuits as fully engaged members of the Wakefield community. Students may earn one of four levels - bronze, silver, gold, or platinum, based on their level of involvement and leadership. To be eligible for the platinum level, you must have achieved the gold level the previous year. Seniors who have achieved the platinum level will be recognized at Commencement.

Platinum Award:

10th Grade

  • Kate Neff and Ben Pieja

11th Grade

  • Brooke Ballhaus, Sophia Carey, Yujin Chung, Celina Kim, Sophia Petricoin, Ella Reidway, Andrew Renz, and Natalie Zickel

Gold Award:

9th Grade

  • Lexi Andrzejewski, Lucky Giyanani, Riley Harper, Luke Linares, Aya Mason, Vivian Pickeral, Lexi van der Woude, 

10th Grade

  • David Blackburn, Robbie Buck, Boston Chute, North Cooper, Vik Giyanani, Sanya Kapil, David Lowry, Katherine Myer, Erik Renz, Sydney Spytek

11th Grade

  • Uzrah Abrar, Victoria Adams, Brennan Moores, Addie Shelman