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Daniel Kwon Chosen Wakefield’s 2021-22 Archwood Scholar

Daniel Kwon Chosen Wakefield’s 2021-22 Archwood Scholar
Tutt Stapp-McKiernan

Daniel Kwon of The Plains will be joining Wakefield School’s Class of 2025 in an exciting way: by being chosen from among the new members of Wakefield’s rising freshman class as the 2021-22 Archwood Scholar.

According to Wakefield’s website, the merit-based, four-year scholarship “is awarded every year to a new [9th grade] student with a demonstrated commitment to engagement inside and outside the classroom.” 

Daniel fulfills this description admirably. Currently a student at Hill School and a former student of Marshall Middle School, he is a clarinet player, a golfer, and an enthusiast of both history (“I really like the challenge of the way my history teacher makes the past exciting and gets us to think for ourselves”) and mathematics (“I like the process...Even better is the feeling you get when you realize the steps you've followed have led to the correct answer”). 

Most importantly, though, to him and to others, he is a passionate volunteer and active member of several service organizations in and around his hometown of The Plains.

Daniel volunteers with both the Windy Hill Foundation and Grace Episcopal Church. He helps with productions at “A Place to Be” in Middleburg, and even offers a hand to any of his neighbors who have a need.

In fact, according to Daniel, helping a neighbor last year was one of his most memorable and satisfying volunteer experiences.

“I love all my volunteer opportunities,” Daniel says, “but if I had to choose one, it would be helping my neighbor who had a stroke about a year ago. My brothers and I were willing to help her with walking and feeding her dog and spending time with her dog while she was in the hospital.  When she came back she needed more help with her daily routine, so my mom started helping her with her daily needs...the least I could help my neighbor was walking her dog and vacuuming, but it was a very rewarding and joyful thing I did because it made her very happy and relieved her of her burden.  Volunteering makes me feel useful even though I am still a minor and have limited ability to help others... It is always good to give back to those who are in need.”

Daniel’s mom, Tomomi Kwon, hopes he will continue to develop his passion for service through service opportunities at Wakefield.  “We would like Daniel to continue to build up his compassionate heart and empathy towards others,”  she says. “We look forward to Daniel making strong and lifelong friendships while he attends Wakefield School.”

“Daniel is a well-rounded young man who upholds the standards that are represented by the Archwood Scholar,” says Wakefield Director of Admissions Gray Carr Bridgers.  “Along with the faculty, staff, and Head of School, I am thrilled to announce our new 2021-22 Archwood Scholar, Daniel Junsuh Kwon.”