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Alumnus Grayson Banning '21: Published!

Alumnus Grayson Banning '21: Published!
Tutt Stapp-McKiernan

It is no small thing to find your passion, and if a student is lucky enough to find it early on in college, it can sure save a lot of time.

But speaking of time...think how much you'd save if you found not only your passion, but the opportunity to begin practicing it in the real world--as a college sophomore? Now that's ahead of the curve.

That's exactly what happened to Grayson Banning '21. The current JMU sophomore concluded last summer that one of the main things he had learned in his first year of college was that he loved to write, and with encouragement from his mom, Wakefield social studies teacher Robyn Banning, he made the decision to begin gearing his academic path at JMU towards a career in writing. 

And presto! Grayson is now a proud contributing writer to The Breeze, "the official student newspaper of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The Breeze publishes 5,000 copies every Thursday. The Breeze publishes local news, a culture section, sports, and an opinion section during the academic year."

Grayson's first published piece of writing, a preview for the culture desk of local wineries families could visit during JMU's Parents' Weekend, appeared in the September 29 issue of The Breeze.

You can read the full article here (and admire that impressive byline!)--but it's even more fun to read Grayson's Facebook post announcing it: