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A Weekend for Our Alumni

A Weekend for Our Alumni
Tutt Stapp-McKiernan

The weather joined in for the making of a special weekend April 22 and 23 in honor of Wakefield School's alumni community. With alumni and student art displays, an Athletic Hall of Fame induction, sports events, the inaugural performances in the new GLO Theater of Archwood Community Theater's production of Grease, and an alumni picnic with yummy food in the Senior Garden, there was plenty for alumni to do and see on Wakefield's beautiful campus on these two lovely spring days.

The 2022 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees are Scott Updike '97, Emily Granruth '13, former faculty member Judy Lawrence, and the championship Girls' Volleyball Team of 2007: Alex Barrett '08, Sky Cushman Glasser '08, Michele Lalonde Dudley '08, Ashley Marchi '08, Spencer Sherwood '08, Lilly Withers Metcalf '08, Chelsea Fischer '09, Demee Genther '09, Vicky Gravett Cumminskey '09, Lauren Houchens '10, Gracie Withers Savage '10, and their head coach, aforementioned fellow inductee Judy Lawrence. Of these, we were honored to have eight present for the Friday halftime ceremony, namely Emily, Judy Lawrence, and from the Volleyball team, Alex, Sky, Michele, Lilly, Lauren, and Gracie.

In addition to many family and friends (including several next-generation alumni children!), former Wakefield cross country coach and Director of Admission Sarah Terwilliger and former Athletic Director Paul Sipes were there on Friday to salute the honorees.

Saturday's picnic brought additional alumni faces to campus, as well as some return visits from those who had attended Friday's festivities. A beautiful mood was established throughout the event by the guitar and vocals of former member of Wakefield's Class of 2016 Jamie Rose. And a much-appreciated guest who had been unable to make it on Friday but who turned up on Saturday was former Wakefield basketball coach and Athletic Director Tom Veith.

I am sorry to say that your erstwhile photographer was so preoccupied chatting with these many old friends that these pictures don't do justice to all those who made it to campus for the various events--mea culpa! But see the links below for a sampling of the faces and fun. If you were here, we were delighted to see you! If you weren't, we will hope to see you soon.

2022 Hall of Fame Inductions on Friday

Saturday Alumni Picnic