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A Note from the Society for Leadership & Engagement

A Note from the Society for Leadership & Engagement
Gray Carr Bridgers

Society for Leadership and Engagement

During October's All School Assembly, the founding members of the Society for Leadership and Engagement were officially pinned. Each member was presented the pin by their advisor, as a symbol of the important relationship between students and faculty.

Founding Headmaster of the Society, Mr. David Colon, explained that the creation of the Society "is a way to show the school's gratitude for our students' dedication."

The Society, established during the 2016-2017 school year, challenges Wakefield students to consider how they perceive honor in our community. Supporting Wakefield's mission of "seeking the challenge, making a difference and living an extraordinary life", the Society for Leadership and Engagement recognizes the development of Wakefield's key leadership attributes through student participation in a variety of activities during the school year. The goal is to encourage Upper School students to participate in different types of activities in and out of school as well as celebrate success in non-academic areas while developing strong leadership qualities in three different categories – capable, ethical, and articulate leadership.

In order to be considered for the Society, students must participate in three activity areas: physical, creative and cognitive, and civic engagement/service, and record their participation in the Society's infamous red booklet. "Participation in the Society program encourages the development of key leadership attributes, and reminds us of things that are important to us at Wakefield," explained Mrs. Chris Mulligan, Faculty Advisor for the Society. Most importantly, participation in the Society frames a portrait of the classic Wakefield student: a student who brings honor to our school through leadership, engagement, and self-development.

During the 2017-2018 school year, Upper School students will receive a new red booklet. With the guidance of their advisors, students will record all that they do for our community in the hope of achieving inclusion in the Society.

The Society for Leadership and Engagement is excited to welcome the founding members and looks forward to future inductees.

The Society for Leadership and Engagement List: