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The Wakefield Equestrian Sports Program (WESP) provides school horses, coaching, and a riding facility for students in grades 6 through 12 who are interested in pursuing an education in English hunt seat riding.


The team competes at shows organized by the International Equestrian Association (IEA), which also provides horses for competition. As a result, students are not required to have their own horses to participate in practices or shows.


The Varsity Program is a full program of practices and shows for students who select equestrian as their varsity sport. Provided that varsity riders meet the practice and show minimums (explained below), they will receive two-thirds of their PE credit for the year and a varsity letter for their participation. For riders who are not ready to show during the program, they can practice with the team as a non-varsity member and elect to attend only one show. These riders will receive two-thirds of their PE credit for the year, but no varsity letter.

IEA Eligible

The second option for upper school riders is the IEA-Eligible Program. These riders practice during IEA designated practices but are eligible to go to all of the team shows. Because they will practice sporadically, these riders may be able to select an additional fall and winter sport and/or participate in their own riding or other after school pursuits.

To be eligible for IEA, riders must demonstrate sufficient proficiency to be able to compete successfully at shows with only limited practice with the team. In general, these riders must ride regularly on their own to be eligible. Provided that IEA-eligible riders meet the practice and show minimums, they will receive one-third of their PE credit for the year.

Middle School

The middle school program runs during the fall, winter and spring trimesters (depending on interest). Middle school riders practice two times per week. The school provides transportation to and from school for practice. For each trimester of participation, middle school riders will receive one-third of their PE credit for the year. Certain 8th graders may be eligible to practice and compete with the varsity team, depending on the circumstances. There are no make-up practices for missed lessons.


Darrin Mollett

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Collegiate Endeavors

This program provides preparation for collegiate riding as many colleges offer an IEA equivalent program called the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) as well as a companion program called the National Collegiate Equestrian Association (NCEA). As a result, riders who distinguish themselves in Wakefield Equestrian through the IEA have the opportunity to be noticed by collegiate riding programs.