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Arts Program Overview

The Arts Department at Wakefield School is committed to enriching students' lives through a dynamic program of comprehensive arts education. The Wakefield School arts faculty aspires to nurture the development of each student's talents, skills, and knowledge by offering an exciting range of fine and performing arts opportunities and environments. The arts faculty is dedicated to fostering teamwork, growth in self-esteem, community responsibility, and involvement, respect for all cultures, and a lifelong recognition of the intrinsic worth of the arts in human experience.

ethan as dr. jekyll
student starry night painting

Arts Department Curriculum Overview by Division

A Wakefield "Lifer" on her arts experience

"The Wakefield arts program encourages you to broaden your horizons and try new media you may not have already pursued while still allowing you to create the art that you are familiar with and enjoy making. Mr. Genther was so influential in my art journey, from introducing new techniques to showing me how I can improve each piece--but he also assisted me in my growth as an artist by ultimately letting my creativity roam free with each assignment and supporting me to embrace my own unique art style. The visual arts have always been exceedingly important to me, and having class time to dedicate to my craft surely helped me improve and create artworks I’m so proud of. I’ve seen countless other students not as art-oriented have the same experience and really come to love and appreciate the fine arts. The arts building is such a comfortable and loving environment for all students, artists and non-artists alike, and even after graduating, I feel welcomed, at home, and inspired in its space."

Brittany Leggott '19
Wakefield student JK-12
To view Brittany's art, visit
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