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Performing Arts

Wakefield is pleased to announce the 2019-20 Theater Awards

"The word that best describes Wakefield Theater is 'opportunity.' I strive to make the theater program a place where anyone can be part of a production. In many of the larger schools, there are so many students auditioning that some never get a part in any of the plays. Here there are many opportunities to be part of the theater both onstage and in the technical crew backstage. At Wakefield we present three mainstage shows a year, ranging from classical to modern 21st century plays and musicals. With many additional performance opportunities in the Lower and Middle Schools, Wakefield is a great place to experience theater, whether it's your first time or you've been performing for years."

- Ray Karns, Wakefield Theater teacher, mainstage show director, and retired opera singer

"Music at its core is a basic form of human expression. What makes music different at Wakefield is that, from Junior Kindergarten to Upper School, the performance of a piece is not just the end result of learning how to play or sing the piece, but the culmination of all the time and energy we have spent learning about that particular piece, the culture, language, and time period in which it was originally written. We learn about music in many ways: through fun cultural exploration, dynamic listening, the study of music forms, musical instrument instruction, and performance across all grade levels. I feel that every student should enjoy the benefit of an enthusiastic, balanced, and sequential program of music education that develops the ability of each student not only to comprehend the music of many genres through literacy, but to appreciate and understand the use of music as a form of cultural human expression throughout their lifetime."

- David Grimes, Director of the Arts and 
Lower, Middle, and Upper School Music teacher