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Tuition and Indexed Tuition

Affording Wakefield

Wakefield is committed to making enrollment accessible to families with a wide range of financial circumstances. This is why Wakefield School offers Indexed Tuition, whereby tuition rates are customized according to each family's ability to contribute to their educational expenses..

  • 100% Demonstrated Need Met
  • Multiple Child Discounts 
  • 35% of Student population receives aid 
  • Range of awards is from $6,000 to Full Cost


What Tuition Covers

2023 - 24 Tuition Costs

Grade Price
Junior Kindergarten $16,000 
Kindergarten $17,000
Grades 1 - 3 $24,700
Grades 4 and 5


Grades 6 - 8 $29,900

Grades 9 - 12


A Review of Wakefield's Indexed Tuition Program


Tuition is payable annually, by two payments, or monthly:

  • Annual payment is made in one installment in July 
  • Two payments- one payment in July and one payment in December
  • Monthly payments are in 10 installments beginning in July 


Parents selecting a multi-payment plan must enroll in the school’s third party payment system, VC PAY. Multi-payment plans include administrative fees: $400 for two-payment plan, and $700 for monthly/ten-payment plan.

Wakefield School also uses VC PAY for the billing of all additional fees not covered by tuition. Therefore, we will ask that all families create an account with VC PAY even if you select the single payment option for tuition. The single payment option plan will not include administrative fees.
More information on VC PAY will be on your Wakefield portal account-following enrollment.


Parents selecting a multi-payment plan are required to purchase tuition insurance at a cost of 1.85% of each tuition rate. Tuition insurance charges must be paid in full with the first tuition payment. This insurance is optional but recommended with the single payment plan. 



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