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Upper School Curriculum

A time for exploring and pursuing their own paths... a time to expect more

Wakefield offers a robust college-prep curriculum in the liberal arts tradition, meaning that our students are well-rounded, nimble learners who develop a solid base of skills across the humanities, mathematics, sciences, and the arts. Our students are challenged to apply what they learn, think critically in both classroom- and project-based learning, and stretch themselves both intellectually and creatively. Our faculty invest time and energy into building meaningful relationships with their students, believing that students are far more likely to care what you know when they know that you care. Students leave Wakefield exceptionally prepared to tackle the challenge of college and build the relationships they need to succeed beyond it. With the aid of faculty advisors, our Academic Resource Center, and time set aside for students to work at their own direction, students develop self-discipline, organizational skills, and personal responsibility.


Dr. Gabriel Fuchs, Head of Upper School


Discover new courses for 2022-23:

Conservation Ecology

Sports Medicine

Art History

Ethics: Moral Reasoning & Exercising Judgement

20th Century Asia

Post WWII World History


Intro. to Digital Art

Personal Finance