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Today’s educators are charged with preparing a generation of learners to live and work in an increasingly complex and unpredictable global economy, and because our students will be called upon to adapt to new situations and to engineer novel solutions to real-world problems, their need to understand and apply digital solutions has become central to both academic and professional success. It is for these reasons that the integration of technology with learning is an important part of the academic programs here at Wakefield School. While providing an outstanding liberal arts education lies at the heart of the Wakefield experience, we also want our students to learn how to effectively use today’s resources to broaden our already exceptional curriculum and to prepare them for today’s world.


At Wakefield School, technology is used as a tool to further the school’s academic goals. Used correctly, we believe these tools encourage intellectual curiosity, provide opportunities for collaboration, enhance communication, and enable real-world problem-solving scenarios. Through technology integration, Wakefield teachers strive to augment their traditional teaching methods in order to further enrich the learning environment.

The Program

Wakefield students have access to a variety of devices including computers, laptops, tablets, and printers. All classrooms are equipped with digital projectors or interactive panels. We have a sophisticated wireless network that has allowed us to implement an extensive 1:1 program in our Lower and Middle Schools alongside a robust bring-your-own-device policy for our Upper School. Our community utilizes personalized digital portals that include a course management solution for our teachers and students. Additionally, we are committed to teaching our students how to effectively utilize today’s cloud-based technology, with all students in grades 4 through 8 learning to use Google’s G Suite of productivity tools.

Digital Citizenship

We believe it is imperative that our students have the knowledge and wisdom to use technology in a way that is responsible, safe, and productive. Using curriculum resources from Common Sense Education, all Wakefield students receive instruction on digital citizenship and literacy. The goal of this curriculum is to “empower students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world.” Additionally, the tenets of online safety are interwoven into daily classroom activities and through our Wakefield Courtesies.