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First - Third Grades

We are curious, we set and meet our own goals, and above all, we are passionate about learning and challenging ourselves to be the best we can be using our individual strengths.

First Grade

This is an exciting year for students as oral reading, fluency, and comprehension skills are developed and expanded. 


Second Grade

Second grade is a time when we begin to see ourselves as scientists, mathematicians, citizens, writers, actors, engineers, historians, artists, and musicians because we are becoming more confident in our ability to rise to the learning challenges presented to us. We also learn the value of collaboration and different ways of thinking and being as we learn together and make the most of our extraordinary classroom and school community.

technology class second grade


Third Grade

Knowledge abounds as we explore the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. Gods and goddesses, chariot races, a Medieval Faire, and a very special third grade musical play keep us busy this year. In addition, third graders who master their multiplication facts are inducted into the Society of Twelves!


third graders enjoying medieval fair


 Our Co-Curricular classes complement and mirror what students are learning in their classrooms. Classes include visual and performance art, music, world languages, physical education, and technology.