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Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides all students access to the following:

  • Explicit instruction in executive function skills from the Educational Specialist Team and faculty throughout the school year, as appropriate by division

  • Tutorial support from expert faculty in small group settings

  • Personalized academic plans for student support and extension based on strengths and struggles in various academic courses; these may be designed by a student’s homeroom teacher, advisor, Educational Specialist faculty, or administrators

  • Access to and scheduling for more intensive privately-paid tutoring with recommended providers who can aid students on campus during study halls or after school

  • Academic accommodation plans for students with up-to-date psycho-educational or neuropsychological testing on file

Students may be eligible for enrollment in additional Academic Resource Center programming for either learning support, enrichment, or independent study courses as identified by qualified testing.

Interested in learning more? Contact our Director of Admissions and Indexed Tuition, Gray Carr Bridgers, or call our Admissions Department at (540)-253-7600