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Meet the Head of School

There is a culture here that can be palpably felt as you walk the hill and the hallways.

And, at first glance, you think it must be the beauty of this setting that the “summit vista” view from the top of the hill is what sets this school apart. But as you get to know the community, study its history, and meet the alumni, trustees, faculty, staff, families, and especially the students, you come to realize that the setting was chosen to match the sense of place already deeply embedded in this school – those who find their sense of belonging here choose to seek the challenge, make a difference, and live an extraordinary life.

From the days at the Huntly campus, to Marshall Manor, to the Hill, Wakefield’s story and my story have something in common:  we have both arrived at this place following a path of hard work, intentional choices, and support from people who invested in us and believed in us. In them we have a model of hard work, perseverance, and the Courtesies: care for ourselves, others, our school, and our community. It is embedded in the DNA of the school.

I believe the strong sense of place found here is certainly influenced by our “space” at the top of this hill, but only so much as it matches the inspiration and aspiration of the people who came before us and those who within these walls help us author our individual and collective story.

When you choose Wakefield School you choose to be a part of something larger than yourself. You choose to actively engage in the pursuit and application of knowledge, character, the Courtesies, and service to others. This is the Wakefield Way. It is not a boxed-in term designed to create a student product; rather, it is an effort to describe the sense of belonging and safety that gives us permission to give our best effort and be our best selves every day. In this, you become a part of Wakefield and Wakefield becomes a part of you.

That is what drew me to Wakefield School and what inspires me as we author the next chapter of the school’s history, together. It is my hope, and honestly my prayer, that my leadership is marked by enhancing the sense of place and belonging found here so you, our students, can find your passions. That together we will fulfill the mission of the school to develop capable, articulate, and ethical graduates ready to take action in today’s world.

For our story is an evolving and ever changing one.