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Faculty and Leadership

Around 75% of our faculty hold an advanced degree; on average, they have 13 years of teaching experience.  And like most statistics, these numbers only hint at the incalculable influence and excellence of Wakefield's faculty--its most valuable asset.

Teachers who thrive at Wakefield share the same characteristics as students who thrive at Wakefield: curiosity, passion, a strong work ethic, a love of learning, a commitment to excellence (a sense of humor is usually in the mix as well).  And like Wakefield students, Wakefield faculty are encouraged to follow that curiosity and passion, to discover more about themselves and their areas of expertise and thus make themselves better--and happier--teachers.

Our faculty and staff are also an integral part of the Wakefield community, actively participating in multiple student and campus activities throughout the year. Several coach sports; others perform as a members of the Archwood Community Theatre; still others lead international trips. Our "Winterim" in January allows faculty to teach short two-week courses in areas of their particular passion, whether in their usual classroom discipline or outside it. 

Wakefield has always benefitted deeply from celebrating the individuality of both its students and its teachers.

Composition requires skills and formulae for accuracy but depends on creativity and individuality to make a good read. I love helping the students find that balance. Watching the process, from the first draft to the final paper, is a sense of accomplishment for both of us... Teaching Literature is like being in school, and if I had my way, I'd always be in school. I love starting with a classic work of fiction and peeling back the layers that built it: the time period, the historical context, and the author's intent. For me, reading provides unlimited discovery into worlds I would never otherwise know. I often pause my reading to look up a reference, and that reference leads to another search, another article, another lesson to teach. I often get carried away, but that's part of the fun and learning.


Jennifer Handford

Junior English teacher since 2018

Wakefield parent 2006-present

Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is a group of division heads, faculty, and staff members whose goal is to implement Wakefield School's mission throughout the community and use that mission to guide the school on a successful path. The SLT ensures that every aspect of our school allows for every student to seek the challenge, make a difference, and live an extraordinary life...each in his or her own way.