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The Annual Fund

Tuition alone cannot sustain the breadth and depth of what Wakefield's students and faculty achieve each year.

Wakefield’s Annual Fund, like the Annual Funds of independent schools everywhere, offers an opportunity for members of our community to broaden and enrich the daily lives of our students. These tax deductible donations are invaluable for supporting our exceptional academic programs, for keeping our faculty salaries competitive, for providing professional development resources, and for maintaining the quality of the athletic and fine arts equipment and facilities.  Everyone in our community can send a meaningful message of support to our school by responding to the Annual Appeal with whatever contribution is most appropriate for your family. 

 The Annual Fund stays open until the end of the fiscal year – June 30th.

Types of Giving & Giving Levels

Middle school students participating in an outdoor lesson by a professional outdoor educator.

MIddle School Class Days activities staffed by professional outdoor educators from Verdun Adventure Bound are among the types of opportunities made possible by the Annual Fund.

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