Middle School Student Services

The Wakefield School Learning Support Department is dedicated to helping students with learning differences realize their fullest academic and social potential within our community.

We provide the opportunity for students to appropriately exercise their creative aptitude and to experience the sense of accomplishment that comes from hard work leading to personal success. Additionally, we work with teachers throughout all Wakefield divisions in order to bring best practices to the classroom setting. We strongly believe that teachers and classrooms that are equipped to be inclusive and teach to a wide variety of learning styles best serve all students.

Students who receive direct services through a Learning Support Specialist must be admitted to the program through a formal process that usually includes comprehensive testing. In the Middle School, direct services are provided when a diagnosed learning difference is present.

Parents should contact a member of the Learning Support Team in order to determine the specific process that is required as this process will differ by age and grade level. We automatically offer Learning Support services to any student who has sustained a diagnosed head injury or concussion. These services include classroom and testing accommodations.

Classroom support services that we offer include:

  • Consultation with teachers regarding best practices, emerging pedagogical trends, learning differences, testing and assessment and head injury.
  • Consultation with teachers regarding students who are enrolled in the Learning Support Program.
  • Active communication with classroom teachers regarding student progress for students who are formally enrolled in the Learning Support Program.
  • Classroom observations on an as-needed basis
  • Active communication

Student services include:

  • Provision of classroom accommodations
  • Structured study time
  • Organizational skills
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Study strategies
  • Support and intervention for language based learning disabilities
  • Support and intervention for students with executive functioning difficulties
  • Management of testing accommodations
  • A progressive, developmentally based program that encourages students to fully engage with their learning difference in order to learn active and reflective management of their own learning process.

Additionally, we interpret psychoeducational and neuropsychological reports for parents, facilitate communication between school and home, and work with parents to create academic break and summer plans for students. We do apply for accommodations for all College Board and ACT testing, and notify parents as early as possible regarding documentation needed for the application process. The Learning Support Team is also happy to provide a referral list for parents who are seeking neuropsychological or psychoeducational testing.

Middle School Learning Support

Director of Learning Support & Upper School Counselor

Dr. Amrit Daryanani

Middle School Learning Support Specialist

Ms. Carrie Donaldson

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