Social Sciences


In Upper School History courses, students not only learn the facts, dates, and people of historical eras, but also develop sophisticated critical thinking skills, examine modern-day implications, use primary and secondary sources, and study closely other cultures of the world.Beginning with World Civilizations II, students explore the world’s history from the late Medieval Age and the Renaissance to the present. The learning focus includes reading original historical documents, along with literature over the ages, and writing historically analytical essays.

U.S. History helps students develop an understanding of the American experience; students understand the strengths and weaknesses of the American tradition, and, fortified with that information, can become more effective citizens of the United States.

British History, Asian Studies and Survey of Russian History, are offered electives.

At the highest levels, students can take AP U.S. History or AP European History. Preparing for AP tests has students interpreting and incorporating primary documents into an essay, and extensively developing critical thinking and writing skills.

Each year, students complete a National History Day project that ties into their current class. Working as individuals or teams, they can create projects that tie into an annual theme using primary and secondary sources. They then present their work, which can be a paper, exhibit, performance, documentary, or website, to a panel of judges; they have the chance to move on to Regional, State, and National competitions.

Social Science

Social Studies courses seek to examine many aspects of society and the beings that run it — humans. Government and AP US Government courses are designed to foster a sense of political awareness and to give students a working knowledge of the American political system in the hope that students will become active participants in the American democratic political system.

Students also have the option to take, in years the courses are offered, Geopolitics, Ethics, Applied Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Leadership Studies.

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