Wakefield's Mathematics Department is tailored to serve the needs of students at all levels. This personalized approach allows students to find their own path to success and differentiates for speed and ability. Teachers meet students where they are and work closely with them, using current materials, curriculum, online textbooks, and projects to best fit the student’s needs. As studies in STEM are valued an encouraged, studies in math are often connected to what students are working on in other disciplines.

The beginning levels of math in Upper School emphasize conceptual and applied mathematics. The use of critical thinking skills is emphasized as students enter more challenging levels of study. Furthermore, students are encouraged to assume responsibility for their learning experiences and to develop a disciplined work ethic, each of which are designed to expand the mind and increase the student’s ability to become thinking and intelligent members of society.

At the highest levels of math, we offer AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and AP Statistics. In Calculus courses, a balance of theoretical and applied calculus is designed to expand the student's perception of these mathematical forms as both a rigorous, mental exercise and as a powerful tool for solving sophisticated problems in such areas as science, engineering, and economics. The AP Statistics course is built around four main topics: exploring data, planning a study, probability as it relates to distribution of data and inferential reasoning. Emphasis is placed upon the use of the graphing calculator and other technologies to perform statistical computations.

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