Middle School Classics

Classics courses are an integral component of Wakefield’s commitment to classical liberal arts education.

Through the study of mythology, poetry, drama, history, art, and architecture, sixth grade students explore the contributions of the ancient Greeks to world civilization. They are introduced to the poetry of Homer, the development of Athenian democracy, and Greek roots of English words. The students hone critical thinking skills through classroom activities, reading of primary sources, and writing assignments.

In seventh grade, students explore the contributions of the ancient Romans to world civilization through the study of the Latin language, Roman history, and Roman culture. Studying Latin gives students a unique opportunity to develop analytical skills, to explore the roots of English and other European languages, and to strengthen English grammar and vocabulary. Through classroom activities, analysis of primary sources, and writing assignments, students study the growth of Roman civilization from the founding of Rome to the Roman Empire. Areas of focus include the fall of the Roman Republic and the influence of Roman government upon the Framers of the U.S. Constitution.

Eighth graders have the option to select Latin I as their language course for the year.

Middle School Classics Teacher

Mr. Justin Donovan

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