Middle School World Languages

Eighth graders choose between French I, Spanish I, or Latin I. All three are high school credit courses.

In French I, the focus is the formal development of language for accurate communication. Students learn the rules of pronunciation, spelling, sentence structure, conjugations, adjective agreement, and negative and interrogative questions. Through oral activities, games, and projects, students develop an ear for the language. Projects include engaging members of the school community in French, creating a visual representation of their families and presenting to the class, and conducting research and presenting on Francophone countries.

In Spanish I, students are introduced to the language and culture of Hispanic countries, developing the skills to communicate with others on a novice level. This course uses methods like listening to podcasts; watching videos; speaking to native and non-native speakers; reading different kinds of narratives; and writing sentences, paragraphs, and short essays. Learning pronunciation, grammar, and functions develop oral and written skills. Vocabulary is based on a student's daily life. Students complete several projects including presentations on a selected Hispanic country and its culture, Cinco De Mayo, and the Mexican Day of Death.

In Latin I, students begin their year with a brief review of Latin grammar and vocabulary and move on to more advanced grammar and expanded vocabulary, in the context of reading authentic texts that have been adapted for the students’ skill level. The study of the language is firmly rooted in the exploration of ancient Rome’s influence on world civilization and the influence of Latin on the development of English. Readings, written assignments, classroom activities, and assessments are designed to help students hone their analytical abilities and to become skilled readers of Latin literature.

Middle School World Language Teachers

French Teacher

Mrs. Connie Lalonde

Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Ana Lizarraga

Latin I Teacher

Mr. Justin Donovan

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