Middle School Science

Sixth grade science is the beginning of three years of integrated science in the Middle School with a focus on basic concepts in earth, physical, and life science. Lab activities and class discussions are driven by the department's value of inquiry and constructivist learning methodologies. Integration with the English Department occurs as students develop scientific writing skills and with the Math Department as students learn to analyze and present data.

In seventh grade, science builds upon the basic concepts taught in the sixth grade so that students can develop their own hypotheses and experimental designs. This year in science is heavily centered on the scientific method, and stresses classification and analytical skills. This is integrated with the English department as students learn to identify bias in writing and to read scientific writing.

The goal of the eighth grade science curriculum is to continue to integrate science topics by addressing material in the nature of science, chemistry, physics, earth science, and life science and preparing the student for Upper School. Students have several opportunities to do individual inquiry-based activities. These include laboratory and other hands-on activities in which they practice science skills such as observing, hypothesizing, measuring, and analyzing data. Formal lab reports are required for many of these activities. The students also complete an interdisciplinary project on a science topic.

Middle School Science Teachers

Mr. Joe Maurelli

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