First Grade

This is an exciting year for students as oral reading, fluency, and comprehension skills are developed and expanded. Entry into the Society of Sums is achieved by learning math facts through 10 and doubles' facts through 20!

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Everyday Mathematics is the primary program used in first grade. Major components of this program include numeration, operations, patterns and functions, geometry, measurement, reference and data.


The core goals of the first grade English program are to help students learn to read, refine their reading skills, and develop oral reading fluency and comprehension skills. To teach reading, a dedicated multi-sensory approach is used, one that focuses on phonemic awareness, decoding, and recognition of common letter patterns. Our first grade program also includes learning to spell words correctly and recognizing sight words. Writing skills focus on using words correctly in sentences, forming letters correctly, and spacing letters properly. Grammar is introduced so that children learn how to form sentences correctly and take note of punctuation, word usage, and capitalization.


History & Geography

First grade students are introduced to famous people in History as they relate to the focus of study: Native American tribes and cultures, Jamestown and the American colonies, and Plymouth and the Pilgrims. Students learn about life in colonial America, with an emphasis on the American Revolution and heroes from this time period. The year concludes with a look at the Civil War and its issues, battlefields nearby, and heroes of the war.



First grade science continues and deepens the students' exploration of the world around them with four primary units. Life Science concentrates on plant and animal life, habitats, growth and change. Weather focuses on the sun’s impact on weather, how weather is measured, seasons, climate, land, water, and other resources. Physical Science introduces forms of matter, motion, and sound waves. In Health Science, children learn about their bodies: body systems, healthy bodies, and choosing healthy food.


First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Kathryn Mullett

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