Our Upper School faculty's task is to anticipate the "new world" as best they can in order to properly prepare your children. Effective educators today understand that the effective leaders of tomorrow will be required to embrace diverse perspectives, think critically, and solve problems more than any previous generation.

At Wakefield our students seek this challenge in the Upper School as they are inspired by a diverse canon of great literature, the application of math and computer solutions, hands-on science activities, geopolitics, social science, history, and reflections on diverse philosophies. Learning becomes more individualized as students question, analyze and defend their theories. The Upper School places special emphasis on interdisciplinary writing and communication so that our graduates will express themselves cogently about the subjects on their expanding horizon.

Head of Upper School

Dr. Tim Baynum

Assistant to Middle and Upper School Divisions

Mrs. Michele Fuchs

Director of Student Life

Mrs. Lisa Winick

Director of Academic Affairs

Dr. Gabe Fuchs

Director of Student Services

Dr. Amrit Daryanani

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