Middle School Athletics

In a world where instant gratification is the norm, where young people are increasingly left devoid of long term challenges, Wakefield School’s Athletic Department tries to provide a venue for learning. In this classroom the individual is subject to the group and individual goals subjugated to the goals of the team. Sacrifice is the expectation; hard work and determination over the course of several months is the common experience; and the outcome of each day and even the entire season cannot be guaranteed.

The central philosophical theme of Middle School athletics is participation. Each student is expected to participate in a sport each season.

Fall Sports

Coed Cross Country
Girls Field Hockey
Boys Soccer
Girls Tennis
Girls Volleyball
Wakefield Equestrian Sports Program

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Coed Squash
Coed Swimming

Spring Sports

Boys Lacrosse
Girls Lacrosse
Girls Soccer
Boys Tennis
Coed Golf / Squash

Athletic Director

Diversity Coordinator

Tee Summers

Athletic Assistant

Dominic Chisman

Athletic Assistant

Ben Mason

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