Middle School Curriculum

The Middle School curriculum encourages innovation, collaboration, and creativity, by providing opportunities for project-based learning and real world application of skills. Teachers have woven together an intentional balance of content-rich courses and engaging co-curriculars. Mindfully integrating technology and using various teaching styles creates a community of active and zealous learners. Middle schoolers feel challenged yet safe in an environment where sharing and compassion are encouraged.

Our middle school teachers are passionate individuals dedicated to engaging and supporting the specific needs of middle school students. From addressing different learning styles in the classroom to providing emotional and social support, our educators take a valuable and active role in their students’ lives. At an age where children are both inquisitive and independent, we capitalize on their potential by encouraging personal growth and responsibility while developing autonomy and empathy.

Our Middle School teachers are also trained in Total Participation Techniques, an approach that values every students’ engagement and contribution in the classroom. The series of techniques are focused on making students into active learners by cognitively engaging them in discussions, activities, and lessons.

Interim Head of Middle School

Ashley Harper

Assistant to Middle and Upper School Divisions

To be announced

Director of Student Life

Mrs. Lisa Winick

Director of Academic Affairs

Dr. Gabe Fuchs

Director of Student Services

Dr. Amrit Daryanani


Zoe Tron

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