Life in the Middle

Life in the middle can be challenging. At Wakefield, our Middle School program intentionally addresses the unique developmental needs of kids in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.

Wakefield Middle School students are in the perfect place to take risks but still have a strong safety net. At this age, students feel the pull to have intellectual and social adventures, but at the same time are still receptive to the mentoring adults can provide. Our students move from a rigorous but innovative academic agenda to a range of extra- and co-curricular activities every day.

One of the defining aspects of an outstanding Middle School is a commitment to the growth and development of students beyond academic courses. Since its beginning, Wakefield's Middle School division has considered social and emotional learning to be an important piece of the overall student experience.

With the four cardinal virtues (prudence, temperance, justice, and fortitude) providing a foundation, our division engages students in conversation and experiential opportunities to continue their "journey to an extraordinary life."These opportunities are often best afforded through non-traditional, off-campus events designed to push and encourage students to stretch themselves outside of their comfort zones. The Middle School program is designed to enable students to maintain meaningful contact with caring adults as they are guided to explore for themselves, via a wide range of endeavors, the ways they learn most effectively.

Interim Head of Middle School

Ashley Harper

Assistant to Middle and Upper School Divisions

To be announced

Director of Student Life

Mrs. Lisa Winick

Director of Academic Affairs

Dr. Gabe Fuchs

Director of Student Services

Dr. Amrit Daryanani


Zoe Tron

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