Laying the Foundation

Lower School teachers work to keep their students actively engaged in the process of learning by nurturing curiosity and a love for learning within the framework of a structured curriculum. Creative thinking and analytical reasoning are encouraged in this content-rich, classical, education.

The Lower School curriculum emphasizes mastery of academic skills and content, as well as the development of social skills in the context of character education. Teachers have the freedom to meet curricular goals using the medium they feel works best, and seek to balance developmental and academic readiness. Essential study skills like note taking and organization are woven into daily work and projects so students learn to apply these skills and are prepared to handle the work assigned. Teachers help mold these growing scholars into capable, ethical, and articulate citizens — a process that takes time but the results of which last a lifetime.

Our Lower School teachers are trained in the research- and evidence-based Responsive Classroom approach. This approach incorporates students' social and emotional growth into their academic learning. It stems from the belief that children learn best when they are purposefully taught social and emotional skills along with their academic lessons. The goal is to enable optimal student learning through the implementation and refining of classroom and school-wide practices. The Responsive Classroom approach has been shown to increase academic achievement in elementary school students, decrease negative behavior, improve social skills, and raise the quality of instruction.

Head of Lower School

Ms. Erin Leonard

Assistant to Lower School Division

Mrs. Cindy McNally

Director of Student Life

Mrs. Lisa Winick

Director of Student Services

Dr. Amrit Daryanani


Ms. Zoe Tron

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