JK-K Co-Curricular Classes

The co-curricular classes for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten include Art, Music, World Languages, Physical Education, and Technology. Co-curricular classes complement and mirror what students are learning in their classrooms.


Young children are naturally inquisitive and enthusiastic, and the art classes encourage those qualities. Through hands-on, colorful, and engaging activities, the progressive curriculum offers opportunities for experimentation in the four primary media: drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture/construction. Curricula is rooted in a spiral aspect of artistic learning allowing for continuing exposure to core concepts.


The primary focus in Music is learning about rhythm, pitch, and how music makes one feel. At this age, movement and music go hand in hand and making that connection is encouraged in the classrooms and performances. Students are introduced to basic instruments and the sounds they make. To show off their skills, children perform several times a year for their peers and families in concerts, assemblies, and special occasions.

World Languages

Our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students are taught both French and Spanish through a vibrant, student-centered, progressive program that develops basic language skills, promotes creative thinking, and expands their knowledge of different world cultures. Learning a foreign language early is critical and takes advantage of the natural curiosity and openness of young learners; it helps students understand other cultures and develop advanced levels of language proficiencies, according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. While each year builds on lessons taught the previous year, our teachers always review, reteach, and recycle vocabulary so that the students are constantly exposed to the target language.

Physical Education

The goal of physical education for Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students is to explore movement while encouraging the building of skills in age-appropriate settings through praise, structured activities, and skill-based games. For our youngest students, focus is on the development of eye-hand coordination and fine and gross motor skills, as well as good sportsmanship and the spirit of teamwork and cooperation.


Instruction using technology in our lower grades focuses around the successful integration of iPads with Learning. In addition to being used to teach basic digital literacy, the iPads are used to reinforce existing classroom curriculum in order to create an authentic learning experience for our students.

We also have Interactive Boards in all our classrooms which are used in JK and K to work on gross motor skills as well as kinesthetic learning.

Art Teacher

Mrs. Dresden Farmer

Music Teacher

Mrs. Chris Mulligan

French Teacher

Mrs. Connie Lalonde

Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Ana Lizarraga

Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Dominick Chisman

Technology Teacher

Mrs. Terry Lowry

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