A Community of Learners

Founded on the belief that children learn best through play, Wakefield seeks to engage our youngest learners with experiential learning and discovery. Through exploration, investigation, and use of their senses, our students begin to construct an understanding of the world around them. Teachers, as their guides, establish a safe, nurturing environment that allows the children's natural curiosity to blossom. Here, learning is meaningful, challenging, and inspires a love of school from an early age. We encourage the children to be active partners with us and with each other, making learning a collaborative effort.

Teachers use Wakefield's Outdoor Classroom and our Discovery Room intentionally as learning spaces and participate in planning lessons across all grade levels. Formal academics are introduced at each level, appropriate to age. Math, Science, Literature and Pre-Reading, and Phonics are woven into each day.

As important as what they learn is helping the children become a community of learners. The social and emotional skills necessary to be successful must be taught and reinforced at this level. Our teachers are trained in the research- and evidence-based Responsive Classroom approach. This approach incorporates students’ social and emotional growth into academic learning, stemming from the notion that children learn best through social interaction and when they are explicitly taught social and emotional skills along with their academic lessons. The goal is to enable optimal student learning, and through the implementation and refining of classroom and school-wide practices. The Responsive Classroom approach has been shown to increase academic achievement in elementary school students, decrease problem behaviors, improve social skills, and raise the quality of instruction.

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