Meet Our Head of School

Wakefield School is pleased to welcome our next Head of School, Ashley Harper, to the Wakefield community. Ashley's career in education spans teaching, college admissions, lower and middle-school division leadership, and development.

Wakefield School believes this vast experience and track record of success in independent schools make Ashley exceptionally well qualified to be our next Head of School. But just as important, our community was won over by her combination of vision, intelligence, thoughtfulness, energy, and dedication to the intellectual and character development of children.

A Message from Mrs. Harper:

My initial impressions of this very special community continue to be confirmed. Each person I meet articulates their love for Wakefield School and the impact it has made on their life or their child’s life.

A common thread in these conversations is that there is much to love about the history and foundation built over the last four decades. Similarly, there is opportunity for renewed commitment to the traditions we hold dear and revitalization in the context of our changing world. It is at the convergence of the foundational and the aspirational that we set out to define and institutionalize The Wakefield Way.

In the coming months, I will be asking for your input and support as we launch a new strategic plan. This summer I will be investing my time in learning more about our community, evaluating the good work that has been done here, exploring opportunities for growth and change, working with the faculty and staff to prepare for the coming school year, and hopefully meeting many of you.

Head of School

Ashley Harper

Executive Assistant to Head of School

Langdon Johnston

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