THe Wakefield courtesies

Wakefield School is conducted as a friendly and orderly community of civilized beings. We express this civility by respecting ourselves, respecting others, respecting our school, and respecting our community at large. The courtesies serve as a reminder of this attitude.

To learn more about our courtesies, visit our Facebook page for our new video video series, Uncovering the Courtesies!


  • We value the pursuit of virtue and wisdom as expressed in our school motto: Virtus et Sapientia
  • We display prudence in our decisions, justice in our interactions, temperance in our behavior, and fortitude in the face of adversity
  • We are honest with ourselves, and others, with regards to our actions
  • We give a sincere effort. Success may, or may not, occur, but we try our best regardless


  • We courteously greet others during the course of the day, and we respect the space and dialog of others, politely walking around them when not taking part in their conversations
  • We rise for an adult entering the classroom and respectfully stand until instructed
  • We hold the door for each other, visitors, and anyone needing help
  • We knock before entering a room, showing respect for others’ privacy


  • We display pride in our appearance and dress in accordance to both the dress code and its spirit
  • We observe manners of etiquette when dining, or talking, as we are representing our school to the community
  • We respect all school members and facilities by treating possessions with care and borrowing only with permission
  • We are humble in success and gracious in defeat, for we know that on another day roles may well be reversed


  • We respect all national symbols, especially our flag, by standing for the National Anthem and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance
  • We are good environmental stewards of our campus, and extend this attitude to the local, regional, and global environment of which our campus and community are integral parts
  • We value the diversity of cultures, and we tolerate all perspectives, even those with which we disagree
  • We understand that we are citizens of the world and contributors to the global community

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