Society for Leadership & Engagement

Supporting Wakefield's mission of "seeking the challenge, making a different and leading an extraordinary life," the Society for Leadership and Engagement recognizes the development of key leadership attributes through participation in a variety of activities throughout the school year. It encourages students to participate in different types of activities and celebrate success in non-academic areas, as well as develop leadership qualities in each of the following categories: Capable, Ethical, and Articulate. Participation is required in the following areas: Physical, Creative and Cognitive, and Civic Engagement/Service. Click here for a full description.

In ninth and tenth grade, students begin to build a broad academic base that will allow them to explore their passions in the later years of their Upper School career. A wide range of detailed electives, including AP courses and independent studies, lets our scholars take their passions and curiosity to the college level.

For each student, this experience will look different — from participating in internships, world travel, and summer study programs; to designing literary magazines, research projects, and community service endeavors; and examining, observing, and improving themselves, others, and the world around them.

Learning becomes more individualized as students question, analyze and defend their theories. The Upper School places special emphasis on interdisciplinary writing and communication so that our graduates will express themselves cogently about the subjects on their expanding horizon.

Our senior year culminates with the senior thesis project, in which students undertake the task of "creating something that satisfies intellectual curiosity." While some have chosen to express their findings in traditional research papers, others have created documentary films, developed architectural designs and websites, staged original plays, and written a guidebook for parents of children diagnosed with autism.

Wakefield's Upper School students are active in their student government, competitive athletics, the arts, the school's award-winning literary magazines, and a wide array of clubs and activities.

As students are encouraged to "seek the challenge," they are supported at every step along the way. Each student's academic advisor is a teacher who will develop a relationship with him/her from admission through graduation. A school counselor is available for individual or group consultation as well. A learning support specialist is available should academic needs arise, and our college counselor establishes relationships with students in the freshman year so that the college admissions process is a partnership throughout all their years of Upper School.

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