2018-19 Indexed Tuition for Grades 1st through 12th

Wakefield is committed to making enrollment accessible to families with a wide range of financial circumstances. This is why Wakefield School now offers Indexed Tuition, whereby tuition rates are customized according to each family’s ability to contribute to their educational expenses.

The Indexed Tuition program offers qualified families a full Wakefield education at a price they can afford. There are many factors that are taken into consideration for qualifying families including availability of Wakefield funds and enrollment needs. Wakefield uses FAST, an Independent School Management tuition service, which evaluates a family's ability to pay, including such factors as family size, number of children attending schools that charge tuition, and assets/liabilities that are not reflected in household income.

For those interested in an estimate of their Indexed Tuition, please call or email our Admissions Director, Gray Griffin, at (540) 253-7501 or gcgriffin@wakefieldschool.org

2018-19 Indexed Tuition Calculator

2018-19 Tuition

Junior Kindergarten$5,500
1st - 3rd$21,875
4th - 5th$24,120
6th - 8th$27,060
9th - 12th$28,575

Payment Options for 2018-19

Parents may pay tuition in one payment (due July 20), two payments (July 20 and December 20) or ten payments (20th of each month, July – April), as outlined on the enrollment contract. Parents selecting a multi-payment plan must enroll in the School’s third party automated payment system, Smart Tuition. Multi-payment plans include administrative fees: $400 for two-payment plan, and $700 for ten-payment plan.

Parents selecting a multi-payment plan are required to purchase tuition insurance at a cost of 2.2% of total tuition. Tuition insurance charges must be paid in full with the first tuition payment. This insurance is optional but recommended with the single payment plan. Click here for more information.

How do I apply for Indexed Tuition?

The Indexed Tuition Program is based on family financial need and is completely confidential. The custom tuition is made separately from admission decisions because we believe that students should be considered for admission based on their personal and academic qualifications, not on their ability to pay tuition.

The Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) program provides a need-based financial aid analysis service that includes an income verification process. All information from FAST remains confidential and is reviewed by the school. You must apply for financial aid each year, using the online FAST application. After applying, mail tax documents to FAST for income verification purposes.

In order to apply for financial aid, parents must complete an application using the Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) application. To complete the form, click here. The online application process is self-guided. You can partially complete an application and go back to it another time if you don't want to complete it in one sitting. The non-refundable application fee is $43, payable by Visa or MasterCard at the end of the application. If you have any questions about the online application, please call the FAST Call Center at 1-877-326-FAST (3278), open 24/7. For questions regarding financial aid at Wakefield School, please contact Gray Carr Griffin at (540) 253-7501. Copies of your tax documents must be uploaded via the FAST Scanner (.pdf forms) or mailed to:

FAST Processing
1316 N. Union Street
Wilmington, DE 19806

When do I apply for Indexed Tuition?

The Indexed Tuition application runs in parallel to the admission application process so families need to work on both applications at the same time. A decision regarding your customized tuition will be made at the same time as a family is notified regarding admission. We do not offer an Indexed Tuition prior to receiving a completed admission application.

How do i know if I qualify for Indexed Tuition?

Wakefield's Indexed Tuition program is designed to help families with a portion of the tuition and to help families feel less stretched in affording independent school. As a result, many of our families that receive aid make relatively comfortable livings. Because Indexed Tuition Program is based on specific family circumstances, we ask you to use the Indexed Tuition Calculator that is on the Admissions web page to give you an indexed range that you may find for your specific financial circumstances.

Do I automatically receive Indexed Tuition each year?

The school will continue, to the best of our ability, to meet a family's need each year. However, you do need to submit an application for your specific tuition each year, which are generally due in early January. It is the school's intention to keep your tuition consistent from one year to the next, assuming your circumstances remain the same. If things change, for better or worse, your tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

Is there a sibling discount?

We do not offer an automatic sibling discount. Instead we have set aside a portion of our financial aid budget to support families with multiple students enrolled who may not qualify for aid under the "standard" guidelines. A family wishing to be considered for the sibling aid program just needs to follow the same procedure for applying for Indexed Tuition as is outlined below. If Indexed Tuition cannot be granted through theIndexed Tuition program that application is automatically considered for the sibling aid program. Grants for the sibling aid program range from 0% - 5% of total tuition.

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Director of Admissions & Indexed Tuition

Ms. Gray Carr Bridgers

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