Thank you for your interest in the Wakefield Equestrian Sports Program. WESP provides school horses, coaching, and a riding facility for students in grades 6 through 12 who are interested in pursuing an education in English hunt seat riding.

The team competes at shows organized by the International Equestrian Association (IEA), which also provides horses for competition. As a result, students are not required to have their own horses to participate in practices or shows.

This program provides preparation for collegiate riding as many colleges offer an IEA equivalent program called the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) as well as a companion program called the National Collegiate Equestrian Association (NCEA). As a result, riders who distinguish themselves in Wakefield Equestrian through the IEA have the opportunity to be noticed by collegiate riding programs.

Three Programs-One Team

Our team consists of middle and upper school students who show together. For upper school riders (and eligible 8th graders), we are offering two options: (1) varsity and (2) IEA-eligible.

  • The Varsity Program is a full program of practices and shows for students who select equestrian as their varsity sport. Provided that varsity riders meet the practice and show minimums (explained below), they will receive two-thirds of their PE credit for the year and a varsity letter for their participation. For riders who are not ready to show during the program, they can practice with the team as a non-varsity member and elect to attend only one show. These riders will receive two-thirds of their PE credit for the year, but no varsity letter.
  • The second option for upper school riders is the IEA-Eligible Program. These riders practice during IEA designated practices but are eligible to go to all of the team shows. Because they will practice sporadically, these riders may be able to select an additional fall and winter sport and/or participate in their own riding or other afterschool pursuits. To be eligible for IEA, riders must demonstrate sufficient proficiency to be able to compete successfully at shows with only limited practice with the team. In general, these riders must ride regularly on their own to be eligible. Provided that IEA-eligible riders meet the practice and show minimums, they will receive one-third of their PE credit for the year.
The middle school program runs during the fall, winter and spring trimesters (depending on interest). Middle school riders practice two times per week. The school provides transportation to and from school for practice. For each trimester of participation, middle school riders will receive one-third of their PE credit for the year. Certain 8th graders may be eligible to practice and compete with the varsity team, depending on the circumstances. There are no make-up practices for missed lessons.

Practice Schedule

The practices occur at Beverly Equestrian, a year-round riding facility about 7 minutes from school in The Plains. The school will provide transportation to Beverly for all weekday practices for the upper school and middle school students enrolled in the full program.

Both Kristin Campbell and Laura Hennessey will return this year to coach the teams. Both are experienced coaches, riders, and judges in hunter/jumpers and bring a wealth of expertise to the program.

Varsity Program:

  • 3 lessons per week for the double season.
  • Practices will be Monday, Wednesday and Fridays after school.

IEA-Eligible Program:

  • IEA-designated practices for the double season, generally once per week.
  • Practices will be determined based on interest.

Middle School:

  • 2 lessons per week per trimester.
  • Practices will be Tuesday and Thursdays during PE.

For the Varsity and IEA eligible riders, the season is a combined fall and winter sport season, currently scheduled to start on September 5, 2018 and end on February 6, 2019 for a total of 48 lessons.

The IEA-eligible program will start and end with Varsity for a total of 17 regular season practices.

The middle school fall program will start on September 4, 2018 and conclude on November 8, 2018 for a total of 17 practices.

The middle school winter program will start on November 27, 2018 and conclude on February 7, 2019 for a total of 17 practices.

There are no practices on days when school is not in session, including snow days. In the event of a practice missed for a snow day, there will not be a make-up practice. Please refer to the high-level school calendar for more information.

Post Season

The potential post-regular season is February 2019 through IEA nationals in late April 2019, for a total of 11 or 12 additional practices. These practices will occur on Wednesdays and Fridays (two times per week) until the IEA finals.

Riders who qualify for post-season are required to participate in post-season practices and shows; riders who do not, are not. Accordingly, please review the requirements of the post-season below before agreeing to participate.

PE/Varsity Credit/US Lettering/ Medals

Upper School:

To be eligible to receive PE or Varsity credit, upper school riders may have no unexcused practices. Unexcused practices are those in which the rider does not have a valid excuse for not attending practice and did not inform any member of the coaching staff or Beverly prior to noon on the day of practice.

In addition, to be eligible for Varsity credit, riders must participate in 5 IEA shows. Please note that in order to compete, there must be three riders attending a show as either an upper school or middle school team. Accordingly, the show schedule will be set in advance to confirm that the required number of riders are present to comprise a team and be able to compete.

Upper school riders who meet these criteria are also eligible to be recognized by the US Equestrian Athlete Lettering Program as athletes for college applications.

Middle School:

To be eligible to receive PE or Varsity credit, upper school riders may have no unexcused practices (see above for definition of “unexcused practices”).

Riders who are ready to compete must participate in 1 IEA show. As above, the show schedule will be set in advance. Riders who chose to participate in additional shows may do so subject to the payment of additional fees for show entries and coaching.

For Middle School riders who compete in more than 1 IEA show, they will be recognized at the appropriate sports banquet for their achievement and receive a medal depending on their participation.

Placement and Pre-Season Practice

Wakefield Equestrian will offer a pre-season, week-long clinic as additional practice. Clinic participation is not mandatory to participate on the team. The clinic will run concurrently with the fall athletic pre-season starting the week of August 20, 2018. The cost of the clinic is $400 per week.

Assessments are required by the IEA to place riders in the appropriate classes. These are short 30-minute assessment sessions. For those riders participating in the August clinic, assessments will be performed on the last Friday of the clinic. For those riders who do not participate, their assessments will be scheduled on Monday, August 27, 2018 and will incur an assessment fee ($125). If your rider is not available during this time, please contact Kristin Campbell to schedule rider assessments.

Program Fees

Because WESP practices at an outside facility with outside instructors and show fees, there is a fee for participating in the program. Included in the varsity regular season program fee is:

  • · IEA registration
  • · Practice gear (team jersey and backpack)
  • · 48 lessons
  • · Entry fees for 5 shows
  • · Grooming for 5 shows
  • · Coaching for 5 shows
  • · Transportation to and from practices (weekday only)

Not included in the program fee is:

  • · Mandatory IEA Assessment Fee (payable at time of assessment)
  • · Transportation to regular season shows
  • · Riding clothes, i.e., breeches, belt, tall boots (paddock boots and half chaps, if not showing), ATSM approved helmet, hairnets (girls), gloves and show coat.
  • · Snacks and water for practices and shows

Here are the program fees for the various programs:

  • Varsity: $5400
  • IEA-Eligible: $3000
Middle School: $2000

The program fees are due prior to the start of the practice. Payment plans may be arranged on a limited basis. Riders may not participate in practices or shows until program fees are paid or a payment plan is established. Program fees may be offset by sponsorship and other fundraising activities throughout the year. There are no refunds for missed practices or shows.

Post-Season. In the event your rider qualifies for post-season competition, you will be billed for additional practices.

Included in post-season program fee is:

  • · 12 lessons
  • · Entry fees for 3 two-day shows (higher entry fees apply)
  • · Coaching for 3 two-day shows
  • · Transportation to and from practices (weekday only)

· Transportation, lodging and meal stipend for away shows (regionals, zones and finals).

Here are the program fees for the post-season program:

  • Varsity: $2500
  • IEA-eligible: $1975

Please note that these fees are approximate until we know the show schedule that the number of practices needed to prepare.


There are no refunds or make up lessons for missed practices. Also, in the event that a rider chooses to cancel his or her enrollment in the program, there will be not be a refund for remaining practices. In certain cases, we may attempt to schedule makeup private lessons, however, such lessons are billed at a different rate than the group lessons, and, therefore, will not be one-for-one with the remaining practices. Also, any make up lessons must be scheduled in the same season in which the rider was enrolled and around the existing practice schedule. Any lessons not taken during the season are forfeited.

More Information/Questions

For more information on the program or Beverly, please contact Darrin Mollett at 310-339-9296 or email darrin@beverlyequestrian.com. For more information about PE and other credit, please contact Tee Summers at tsummers@wakefieldschool.org.

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