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Introducing Dastan
Posted 02/01/2017 09:14AM

Meet Dastan, "Das," Wakefield's Service Dog in Training! He will be on campus every day, learning how to be a facility dog and making friends. He has a very important job to do; spread kindness to everyone he meets. He is also going to be helping students participate in Mindfulness Meditation. We are thrilled to have him join Jamie, our Middle School Learning Support Companion! Thanks to Dr. Isabel and Mrs. Lambourne, he has already been working in the second grade classroom; and will continue aiding each division in unique ways.

We are extremely grateful to Shiraz Farm German Shepherds for bringing him to Wakefield. Das was raised there and will be jointly trained through Shiraz Farm GSD for his service dog certification. Their devotion to breeding dogs with excellent physical and mental characteristics has resulted in many Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement and Service Companions. Dr. Daryanani, our school Counselor and Head of Learning Support, states, "I am very grateful to have Das live with me as part of my family and become part of our Wakefield family!"

When you see Das on campus please stop to say "hello." The more friends he makes the better!

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