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Committing to Make a Difference!
Posted 01/27/2017 10:02AM

Living the Dream in Lower School

By Dr. Isabel, Head of Lower School

There is nothing more authentic than connecting the powerful message of a hero like Martin Luther King, Jr, to what we strive to be as Wakefield Lower School students. Over the past couple of weeks our students reviewed the Character Counts characteristics studied so far, looked at them together with his life, and asked the question: How did Martin Luther King demonstrate responsibility, courtesy, self-discipline, and generosity? Each Class then decided upon a characteristic to improve upon and made a commitment in front of the Lower School to do so. View the students stating their commitments at the Lower School Assembly here.

Second grade students were charged this year with leading our annual Martin Luther King, Jr. assembly - fast becoming a hallmark Lower School tradition. They focused on his dedication to be inclusive of all people and to treat them fairly. They investigated and interviewed all grade levels, asking the following questions: How does your class make everyone feel welcome and included? What are some examples of how your class uses kind words to make sure everyone is treated fairly? With the information gathered, they created this documentary "Living the Dream in Lower School." Please take a moment to view it. What a wonderful way to integrate technology, effective communication, character education and community building into the classroom!

Another tradition of this annual assembly is choral singing of the following spirituals: Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Free at Last, and We Shall Overcome. Through these musical spirituals, Mrs. Mulligan helps us experience a historical account of the progress society has made - taking us from slavery to emancipation, and on to the Civil Rights movement.

Well done, Lower School!

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