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Visual Arts

Wakefield is pleased announce the 2019-20 Visual Arts Awards

"Teaching art is both a social and an academic endeavor. Students at all grade levels are encouraged to think independently and express themselves. The art room is a safe place for students to develop new skills, work together, negotiate, and share. It is a place where students can drop in during a study hall to work and chat. It is a place where relationships are built and students are known. There is a uniqueness about teaching art. The environment is fluid. As an art teacher, the most gratifying moments take place during the process of creativity. Seeing a student's pride after working hard, revising, and finally finishing a project that they imagined and brought to life is magical!"

- Linda Northrup, Wakefield Studio Art teacher in Lower, Middle and Upper Schools


"As photographers, we are each a witness to history. We are, by the very nature of the discipline, bound to record what is happening around us. We capture a moment that is gone forever, impossible to reproduce, but si vital to document. Photography, as best as the current technology will allow, is the ultimate guardian of the world, and as such must be given the highest respect. Photographers must hold this responsibility dear to the heart. And we must hold true to the importance, historically, of how significant a tool the camera is and the relationship and responsibility that we have with the camera and the world around us."

- Gary Genther, Wakefield Studio Art, Photography, and Film teacher since 1986