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Wakefield School's rich liberal arts education has created a learning environment that is dynamic and engaging.


Students are excited about achievement as they become intellectually confident critical thinkers, knowledgeable problem solvers, and individuals of strong character. Because of this, our students are prepared to achieve at the highest levels in all aspects of their lives.

Our Lower School

Our Lower School focuses on classical, student-centered learning through real-life experiences results in a hands-on learning environment that fosters character development and leadership. We accomplish this through:

  • Integrated Projects across the Curriculum 
  • Authentic Learning Opportunities
  • Character Education and Leadership
  • Environmental Studies and Outdoor Education

Our Middle School

Our Middle School addresses the social, academic and emotional development of grades 6, 7 and 8. Our dynamic, engaging faculty foster each student as an individual through:

  • Advisory Program 
  • Experiential Learning Program 
  • Daily integration of Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Technology, and Athletics

Our Upper School

Our Upper School focuses on college preparation, leadership and pursuing their passions through:

  • Scholarship Opportunity for Incoming Ninth Graders
  • Individual Studies
  • Guided College Counseling
  • Discovery Days
  • Society for Leadership and Engagement