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Advisory Program

Each Upper School student is paired with a faculty advisor to help guide him or her to navigate challenges and make good decisions, in and out of the classroom. Advisors are faculty or staff members whose primary responsibility is monitoring students’ academic and social progress. Students meet with their advisor in coed groups of six to eight students every morning. This group is made up of students in the same grade and will remain together for the entirety of their Upper School journey.

In the Upper School, advisors look for opportunities for students to succeed, challenge students to engage in new activities, and give them advice for navigating their social and academic journeys.

In addition to guidance and monitoring, advisors serve as a resource for students who need an adult to turn to when they have questions or concerns about social, ethical, family, or other issues. Advisors, working in conjunction with the Director of Academic Affairs, also serve as the primary liaison between parents and the school about academic or social issues that arise.