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The HOCO 2022 Pep-Rally

The HOCO 2022 Pep-Rally
Tutt Stapp-McKiernan

True, the institution of fall Homecoming celebrations has been around forever, for Wakefield's 50 years and long before that, too. You'd think it could get a little tired after a while--and yet somehow it never does. Traditions come and go, but one thing Wakefield's Homecoming week never is is boring! Special dress-up days, door-decorating contests, Partner Class Day and the Pumpkin Bowl, of course the Homecoming Court and the big dance...but somehow, nothing really tops the Friday parade and pep rally.

The driveway in front of the school is lined with excited kids in red and white, waiting for the parade: Owlketeers! Balloon-festooned pick-up trucks full of smiling student dignitaries! Hootie, our beloved mascot! Then it's out to Costin Field for Senior Tee Shirt presentations, senior athlete tributes, Owlketeer cheers, team skits, new student Athenian/Spartan inductions, and finally, the start of the afternoon's athletics competitions. 

Few October days are as memorable. Click here for some images from Wakefield's homegrown HOCO parade and pep rally--part of a long tradition, yes, but uniquely Wakefield.