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The 2022 Senior Pumpkin Bowl

The 2022 Senior Pumpkin Bowl
Tutt Stapp-McKiernan

It's official--the members of Wakefield's Class of 2023 are now bona fide seniors. They have had their turn at the Wakefield Senior Pumpkin Bowl.

This highly-anticipated rite of passage takes place each October on the morning when students in grades 9-11 are taking the PSAT exam. The senior class splits into two teams that compete in a madcap and fiercely-fought game of touch football, for the honor of taking home the Pumpkin Bowl trophy.

Each senior class chooses an appropriately-conflicted pair of identities to inform the naming and costuming of the two teams, and this year's dueling duo was the "Old People" vs. the "Babies." For the Old People, imagine dad-style plaid shirts for the girls and granny-style nightgowns and hair curlers for the boys. For the Babies, imagine everyone with a "binky" in his or her mouth, and...well, "pull-ups," aka diapers (OVER their clothes, of course).

Hard to picture? Dying to know who claimed the 2022 trophy? Click here. Improbable though it sounds, it really did occur, there really is a trophy, and they really did wear diapers.