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Ivy Leagues Watch Out! Here comes Wakefield

Ivy Leagues Watch Out! Here comes Wakefield
Caroline Hoffman

While it's only January, some of our seniors have started to be accepted into a number of excellent colleges and universities. Allegra Solari ('18), has shared her excitement with us about being admitted early decision to her top choice, the University of Pennsylvania:

Why did you apply Early Decision to the University of Pennsylvania?

"I chose the UPenn because it had everything I was looking for. It was in a large city which meant being exposed to a different life than I'm used to here in The Plains. I loved the vibe of the campus; it was full of exceptionally well-rounded students who were leading complete lives, and I would love to be that type of person. Overall, it checked all of my boxes: in a city, not too big, rigorous curriculum, high number of international students, interesting major."

Any thoughts on your major as you head off to college?

"UPenn offers a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics major which is one of the primary reasons I wanted to attend the school. Those are three huge interests of mine. It's such an interesting combination of fields and I think it could really help me to follow a career in international affairs or international economics."

What are some of your favorite activities that you have been involved with while at Wakefield?

"In terms of sports and activities, I've been playing soccer since 8th grade for Wakefield and every year it's been the highlight of my year. It's so fun to be able to play with my best friends and that's definitely where I have some of my favorite memories at Wakefield. I'm also part of the international affairs club which I organized this year. We read the news and discuss what's happening around the world, trying to keep informed. It's a great time and we always have interesting conversations."